St Thomas the Apostle Primary School is a part of the new Parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Cranbourne.  The site will also eventually house a new Church and Parish Facilities in future stages.  The school community strives to be a place of prayer, service, thanksgiving and reconciliation.  All students and the school community enter the building under the special St Thomas Cross, which has been worked into the central windows over the main school entrance.  Metaphor and symbolism were incorporated into the design; in particular the main stairway was linked to the legend of St Mary; the leaning columns are expression of ‘doubt’ – St Thomas was informally called “doubting Thomas” – while providing strong support, affirming belief.

The design aims to provide a learning environment that educates, challenges and engages.  To facilitate this, spaces were designed with 21st Century collaborative teaching and learning in mind.  Staff at the school were keen to move away from traditional cellular classroom design towards a flexible variety of linked Learning Spaces, with shared Learning Commons which allow for student circulation as well as break-out learning areas.