2022 – COMMENDATION, New Construction / New Educational Facility, Learning Environments Australasia Awards

2022 – SHORTLISTED, The Learning Space, INDE.Awards

2021 – WINNER, Best School Project Above $10 Million, Victorian School Design Awards

2021 – WINNER, New Construction / New Educational Facility, Learning Environments Australasia VIC/TAS Chapter Awards

Ramlegh Park Primary School is a new P-6 school for families in the fast growing area of Clyde North. The school offers two learning neighbourhoods, an administration building, outdoor play courts, performing arts and physical education building community hub, as well as sports fields.

Incorporating biophilic design principles, the buildings are designed to maximise opportunities for students to connect with nature and support nature-based learning. Extended eaves provide valuable sheltered areas and incorporate outdoor learning spaces that provide teachers and students with increased opportunities to customise teaching and learning to suit student needs.

Furthermore, each school seeks to provide spaces which cater for students of all abilities. Each neighbourhood contains a mix of enclosed, semi enclosed, and open spaces, each designed for a particular activity and group size. In addition, there are smaller, more intimate spaces that enable students to receive one on one teacher support or simply enable the student to regain composure away from the main learning group.

To meet the needs of contemporary learners, the school is structured as a two learning neighbourhood model, comprised of learning communities and home bases. In addition to the two learning neighbourhoods, a resource intensive learning hub enables cross curricula connections to be made between science, art, design, and food technology in collaborative learning spaces collocated with the school’s library. By placing the school’s administration spaces close to the library and the hub, the school’s leadership team are close to this buzzing centre of activity, giving them multiple opportunities during their day to connect with the children and their learning experiences.

Flexibility is a key feature of our response to the school’s education strategy; we have created modifiable spaces that accommodate multiple learning approaches and can respond to the requirements of students and teachers, creating a sense of shared ownership, inclusion, and everyday learning. This flexibility also enables groups to be formed between communities based on each student’s stage rather than their age.
Ramlegh Park Primary School will accommodate 525 students long term enrolment and 1,100 students peak enrolment. It is one of seven new schools that we delivered in association with Design Inc for the VSBA New Schools 2021 program:

– Aintree Primary School
– Cranbourne West Secondary College
– Edenbrook Secondary College
– Gaayip-Yagila Primary School
– Garrang Wilam Primary School
– Ramlegh Park Primary School
– Riverbend Primary School

Collaboration credits – DesignInc
Photography credits – Dianna Snape