Environmentally Sustainable Design

Brand Architects is committed to the delivery of sustainable design. Our successful track record of sustainable outputs has led us to become a leading practice in the delivery of sustainably designed buildings.
We apply environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles to all our projects, not just those seeking to be rated or benchmarked. We integrate environmental thinking at the onset of our design process and incorporate sustainable best practice at all stages of our projects.
We strive to minimise pollution of the environment, the overuse of energy, to conserve natural resources and to reduce waste. We seek to work with like-minded clients and businesses who implement similar initiatives. We encourage our sub-consultants, third-party suppliers, clients and relevant stakeholders to do the same.
Our extensive experience in environmentally sustainable design allows us to expertly apply ESD principles and champion the use of sustainable materials in innovate and cost-effective ways.

Engaging the Environment

In some of our recent school projects, our buildings have become instruments for monitoring and displaying environmental conditions and building resource consumption in real time – providing students and teachers with an invaluable resource for practical environmental awareness and community educational work. We often stage interactive sustainability workshops for our education clients using the building as an active learning tool. We aim to continue to support young people to grow their understanding of environmental issues and explore solutions to these pressing matters where possible.

Green Star and Other Rating Tools

We are fully conversant with the major environmental certification programs and are proud to have delivered a number of Green Star certified buildings and several projects to a Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) ‘Excellence’ level.
Many of our clients opt for ‘equivalence’ with major environmental scorecards or rating tools. In these cases, we maintain a digital scorecard to monitor initiatives and ensure that minor details in the specification or modelling of the building are not forgotten.
Where projects are not briefed to have a specific measurable ESD outcome, we develop a roadmap at the beginning of the design process for the inclusion of as many environmental initiatives as the project parameters allow. We focus on measures that will have a demonstrable benefit either through the reduction of resource and energy use, or through an enhanced user experience.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to promoting and producing environmentally sustainable outcomes in both our day to day operations and our outputs. We are certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active.
We reinforce our commitment to sustainable business practices by actively meeting an array of targets including monitoring and improving energy use and indoor environment quality, sourcing green power, improving our waste management practices, and monitoring vehicle use. A formal commitment to carbon neutral operations ensures we uphold our duty to protect our environment.