Brand Architects were engaged by Monash University to transform a floor of enclosed offices into fresh, modern workspaces for PhD students.
The new space is bright and open, featuring natural light and areas for both work and collaboration. A Research Laboratory was also included in the project.
Colours were selected that boost active learning. Common areas feature oranges as ‘The Mood Lifter’. Orange helps with critical thinking and memory, increases circulation and oxygen supply to the brain, and loosens inhibitions.
Workspaces feature blues as ‘The Productivity Driver.’ Blue has a calming effect, helping students feel good and stay focused, especially during intense study sessions. Research shows that people doing demanding intellectual work are most productive in blue environments.
Following consultations with the client on the functionality of the building, the corridor ended up being long and straight. The resulting design is suggestive of a streetscape with arches of different sizes and shapes.
Materials were chosen for their sound quality, with acoustic treatments to ensure optimal sound quality in study and meeting areas.