Lucas Community Hub is a vibrant centrepiece for the new suburb of Lucas, Ballarat. The building consists of a Maternal and Child Health Centre, Kindergarten and various Community Meeting Rooms connected by a flexible Community Gathering Space. The building plan is wrapped around a naturally landscaped children’s play area encouraging interaction between children, parents, and the broader community.

The building shape, patterns and colours were inspired by the Lucas Ladies, whom pioneered the early textile industry of Ballarat. The bold colourful stitches, pleats, folds and ribbons on walls and soffits reference the fervent activity of the dressmakers table. The curved brick ‘Tartan’ walls that address the main entrances are inspired by Ballarat’s Scottish heritage, matching the pattern and colours of the official Ballarat ‘Tartan’. The building was intended to become a bold place making statement that is rooted in Ballarat’s proud social history to inspire a new community.