ONTTC provides training for senior secondary students in the Automotive and Building Construction Industries.  The building, completed in 2013, is innovative, exciting and energetic, and is designed to be highly flexible in order to be able to adapt to the training needs of an unknown future.

The client desired a building that states to young people and the broader community that technical pathways into apprenticeships were highly valued, first rate pathways, on par with university education. The spaces within the building are used by a variety of industry and community groups, in addition to the regular classes.

The building contains a number of ESD initiatives including night purging, rainwater capture & re-use, use of low embodied energy materials including rammed earth, timber truss structure and Danpalon multi cell walling to provide good levels of south facing natural light, low energy light fittings, and 12kW PV array which generates approximately 60% of all power usage. The project, which exceeded all expectations in the quality of the training workshops and overall flexibility in planning, was procured on time, and $400,000 under budget.