Brand Architects was engaged in 2013 to prepare a masterplan to expand Holy Trinity Lutheran College, located in Horsham, from Primary only to a full P-12 college.

The innovative masterplan sought to maximise the use of the school’s land on the floodplain which would allow the school to expand without having to purchase an additional block to the south that was initially thought would be required.

Brand Architects have since completed 7 stages of implementation at the college, the most recent being the new senior school. The design and materials relate to the site context amongst a grove of 500-year-old river red gums.

Architecturally, the design draws upon “farm shed” style built form, but seeks to play with the idea of perspective, so that at no point is there an easy reading of the overall building form. The overall experience of the building is quite dynamic, with sharp angular roofs contrasting with stable brick base.

Internally is an innovative mix of specialist science, technology and general spaces grouped with a large sports hall, sports science lab and resource / study centre for the VCE cohort. The new facilities have also been embraced by the broader community – with a level of enthusiasm that has given the new builds local iconic status.

As a result of the college’s innovative educational model focused on regional needs, along with new and contemporary facilities in order to better deliver their model, Holy Trinity Lutheran College has become the educational institution of choice in the Wimmera region.