The Good News Lutheran College Middle Years Building is an important addition to the campus masterplan. It provides the basis on which the college will develop its substantial secondary facilities over the next five to ten years.

With a total project cost of $4.1 million, the Middle Years Building reflects a vision of strong self-worth and respect for others. It is a learning community with real heart, where students come together in a broad range of settings. These include a large central presentation space, flexible class rooms and collaboration spaces, and more intimate study nooks. Staff are close at hand and the integration of their planning spaces into the arrangement has improved pastoral care abilities through these important middle years of student education.

The building is welcoming and inclusive, with materiality including warm timbers and bare concrete, colourful floor and wall finishes, tall and naturally lit volumes and efficient spatial arrangements exploring visual connections throughout, enhancing the learning environment while maintaining connectedness and supervision amongst students and staff alike.