Manor Lakes P-12 College


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This new College at Wyndham Vale is one of the largest, most integrated schools in Victoria. It has a long term enrolment of close to 2000, and includes community integrated facilities for all ages and learning requirements, including a special school component for 240 children.

The learning spaces are specifically designed to relate to the curriculum needs of each age group, subject specialty or special need, with each level having its own individual “village building”.  The landscape is a world class example of diverse ecologically sensitive design that provides a unique teaching resource for the College.  Great attention has been paid to linking the external and internal spaces and to giving the site a communal village feel.

The buildings are passively designed to reduce energy usage without significant impact on the capital cost. The entire site is planned on water sensitive urban design principles to filter stormwater through a wetland retention system connected to the lakes in the surrounding development. Recycled effluent and rainwater are used for toilet flushing and irrigation.  All sustainable measures are designed to be practical teaching resources for the College.