Geelong Lutheran College


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The Masterplan of Geelong Lutheran College was designed to respond closely to enrolment growth and to the Colleges’ individualised curriculum, which focused on the local coastal environment and on innovation in learning.  Brand Architects have since implemented seven stages, including specialist facilities for science, art, materials technology and design as well as a new administration building, which have now seen the Colleges’ enrolments grow to over 500.  The final Masterplan will see the full College develop through to an overall enrolment of 1,350 students.   At least five more stages of Masterplan implementation are scheduled to occur over the next 10 years.

The most recent stage is a new Middle School building that contains a number of flexible teaching rooms and specialist spaces.  This building provides a new benchmark for facilities at the College and showcases their focus on collaborative learning.

As the site is on a heavy slope, the use of 3D modelling software has been particularly useful in allowing the community to envisage the design concepts from early in the process.